Hiding transfers, pool transfers, and soft-deleted transactions from "missing rates" view?

When I’m transferring assets between wallets for which Koinly doesn’t have a price feed, Koinly does all the most important things right! It carries the cost basis and purchase time of those assets along with them, etc. Same thing happens when I mark withdrawals and deposits as going in/out of “Pool” (e.g., when I’m staking/unstaking an asset). Awesome!

However, these transactions still show up in the “Warning: Missing rates” search option. Any chance we could remove these from this “missing rates” view?

Similarly, soft-deleted transactions show up in “missing rates” as well. It would be great to have the option of hiding those from that view entirely.

My end goal is to be able to look at “warning: missing rates” and see an empty search results list, as one of my sanity-checks that I’ve given Koinly proper cost-basis info on all of my assets…

Thanks again!