HEX Staking / Shares / Interest Support

Please support the HEX contract and community (staking, shares / wealth, interest / income)


Any Updates in regards to supporting HEX Staking and associated Interest payments? Indication on the new Pulse Chain?

Thank you.


Hi Koinly Team,

Please work on HEX.

When we stake HEX for a period from 1 to 5555 days that you decide, the HEX is burned out of circulation (sent to 0x000000…). In this process, you get T-SHARES (that pay you trustless interest). When the time to end-stake came, you will end your stake and you will mint your new HEX (Principal + Interest). This is how HEX works…

At this point, using your tool, when i am making a stake, I am sending that transaction to a POOL. When the stake ends, I mark that transaction as coming from the POOL. I am not sure if this is a good way… I am filling that my capital gainz will be messed-up.

Staking HEX, you are basically “mining” HEX…