GPU mining equipment

Can your claim mining equipment just wondering?

I’m not an accountant nor a tax person, but for the US, I believe it depends if you’re mining as a “business” (substantial and continuous for profit) or as a “hobby”. Please talk to a tax professional though.

I believe that if you’re mining as a “hobby”, then you could technically itemize the deduction. But unless your expenses are greater than the standard deduction (~$12,400 indiv / $24,800 joint for 2020), it’s not worth it and you should just take the standardized deduction.

If you’re mining as a “business”, then yes you can as you can deduct overhead, equipment, etc. But qualifying as a business is tricky, and you get a self-employment tax of 15% (although you can deduct half I think) on top of the regular income tax from the business.