German Tax 1 year HODL - no Tax

i have seen that this topic has been online several times ago but why isn’t it possible to see how long you hold your coins?

Than it would be much easier to calculate the taxes by your own otherwise i will look for another tax reporting solution

Hi @Tshiddah_Shallal !

We currently do not display holding periods for different lots, although this is a feature that is being considered for future updates :slight_smile:

What I do myself and what we generally suggest is to temporarily add a dummy transaction of a disposal of coins you plan on selling. Then check the cost analysis tab of that transaction to check the acquisition date(s) of the lot(s) in question.

That way you can plan ahead, if you want to make sure to dispose only of coins in long term capital gains territory. Once you know, you can go ahead and delete the dummy transaction.

Hope this helps, cheers!

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So, to confirm. At present, Koinly does not consider the time period coins have been held for before deciding if a transaction as taxable or non taxable?

Hey @CryptoGary !

If you are in a country with long/short term rules, like the US, Luxemburg or Germany, Koinly will distinguish them in your reports as needed depending on your jurisdiction’s requirements.

In practice this means that there will be 2 separate long and short term sections in your capital gains report, your full tax report and others.

This is at that level that the distinction is made, the UI itself calculates the real gains (based on the calculation methods set in your settings) and holding period, rather than what is or isn’t taxable.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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