Generic Substrate chain address is not supported - Polkadot wallet

Describe the problem:

Wallet: Polkadot (DOT) (Polkadot (DOT))
Transactions: 6
Imported with: API

  1. Generic Substrate chain address is not supported
  2. No crypto withdrawals found
  3. No trades found
  4. This API has certain limitations:
    ---- Staking and unstaking transactions are not imported and needs to be added manually.

Previously, I have never had a problem with my Polkadot wallet. I can see my previous transactions, but not any recent ones. I logged in today, which was first time in a while and was faced with a ‘Generic Substrate chain address is not supported’ issue. This did not happen before. Therefore, how do I go about correcting this?

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Polkadot (DOT)

How did you import data into this wallet?
I just set up new wallet address, imported it.

What have you tried to fix this so far?
I have tried to ‘resync wallet from the beginning’. Never worked.

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Hi @Highland_Coo,

This needs to be investigated and, if there is an issue, reported to our devs. Would you contact our Support Team, please?

I’m encountering the same issue. I don’t understand your reply – isn’t @Highland_Coo’s message “reporting this to the devs?” Your link for the “Support Team” is just to the Koinly homepage. It does not indicate how to contact the “Support Team.” Can you please clarify?


Please email [email protected]

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@Aria_Koinly - Email has been sent to the email address provided. Thanks!

I have the same problem with PolkaDot “generic substrate address is not supported” . Any updates on this problem?

We dont support substrate addresses right now, only your main DOT address can be synced.

We are working to add parachain support to Koinly, but right now if you want to import the data, the best way is to create a custom CSV by copying/downloading the CSV from each chain, and converting it to the Koinly Deposit&Withdrawals CSV template.

how long is parachain support likely to take? its important that I can keep up with my trades but you guys are making it increasingly difficult to do it using your software. How does one do this on polkadot specifically?

I can’t provide an ETA unfortunately but if you upvotes the link below you will be notified of updates. :+1:

It is possible to get the main Dot addresses from the Polkadot substrate portal ( begin with “1” prefix) as opposed to the substrate addresses ( these begin with “5” prefix). Although the holdings shown in the dashboard dont balance with the wallet address. This is indicated with a notification by Koinly. This could be because staked DOT do not show up in the actual wallet address. How do I account for the coins that are being staked?

@A_Sneed add manual withdrawal transactions and mark them as sent to pool, this would be the only way :+1:

I have added the transaction manually. So it now leaves 1 Polkadot which shows in the wallet balance but not in the Dashboard Overview. Why would this happen?