Futures Tax Germany

If you trade futures, even if you hold it for multiple days, koinly calculate the win and lost for each day, instead of only calculate the difference between the buy and sell amount. The result is, that you have very high wins and losts.
Since this year you can only reduce the wins with max 20000€ lost in germany by law.
I asked other people about that topic and they say that calculation win and lost every day for activ futures is wrong.
Why did koinly calculate it that way? How can i fix this? I allready think about calculating the futures tax by my own with excel what would be very disappointing after paying for koinly. And it would be a lot of work.
You guys have any suggestions for me? If someone from the koinly team reads this. I also interested in your opinion to this topic. Regards, Michael

edit: Now i checkt how the P&L csv file is build. I was able to re-build a P&L style csv file by my own to import the data my way.