Future transactions included in totals

Looks like recording transactions that will occur in the future get included in the asset totals on the main page. I think future transactions should be ignored in all cases until they have become the past. This allows, for instance, escrowed rewards to be entered as they are awarded, but not counted as owned (or gains, or anything else) until their future date becomes a past date. Currently, I enter escrow reward transactions with a future date, but soft delete them, then undelete them as they flow into the past. IIRC, future transactions (deleted or not) are not included in downloaded reports, which is good. I could just enter them when they vest, but I still think I should be able to enter future transactions and have them be ignored until an appropriate time.

It also appears that price calculations are incorrectly applied to these main page totals that include future transactions. Obviously, future transactions can’t have a price reported, so their cost acts like zero. This causes the total price of past transactions to be averaged with yet-to-occur amounts of coins with zero value and messes up the cost and ROI calculations. This is avoided when soft-deleting the future transactions, but I don’t think future transactions should be included in any current total or calculation on the main page, or anywhere else for that matter.

Hi Jerry,

This is an interesting case that needs some investigation. Would you reach out to our Support Team to look into this?