FTX subbacounts not taken into account


At the moment the FTX auto-sync API doesn’t take into consideration subbacounts that are really much used in FTX.
Also when I upload the csv files manually the transfers of crypto or FIAT between subaccount in not taken into consideration so I end up with very high gains because the money that goes out from my subbacounts is not considered.
Is there a plan to fix the FTX subbacount problem?

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Yes, this is on our roadmap.


Is there any time-frame for when Koinly will introduce API support for FTX subaccounts?


Any idea when this will be fixed


Any news on this? Thats still stopping me from using koinly.

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I am also wanting this feature as due to UK FCA derivatives ban I have had to create a subaccount to manage margin trade as it’s significantly more fiddly than trading derivatives. Having to manually change each entry in koinly just adds to the pain !

Any news on this? Really want this feature

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Hi Koinly,

do you have any update when this feature will be implemented? Sub-accounts are very useful in FTX and it would be useful to have this supported by Koinly.


I run 14 sub-accounts for automated trading…

Any news on this? I desperately need this!

Hi, Any update on sub accounts for FTX?

Hi, any news on the subject?
Slowly it seems to me as if we are left here alone with our problems and wishes. Koinly is apparently hardly active here anymore. No update for ages. What’s happening?

Can we have an update please

pls we need this!!!