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Hey Guys, I have over 3000 transactions as I was trying out trading and it went horribly wrong and got some quite big losses overall, do you guys think the free tax reports given by Koinly will be accurate enough to include in the tax claim or do you have to pay for a tax report as the free version isn’t accurate.
Thanks guys

Hey Saul!

thanks for getting in touch :slight_smile:

I wasn’t actually aware we offer free reports lol :sweat_smile:

May I ask which report you managed to obtain? I can then see if this will be suitable or not.

Generally speaking, any sample report may exclude/omit certain data.

For an account with 3000 transactions, you would definitely need a plan to ensure your calculations are accurate. :+1:

Not a report but just the summary that you give for free

@Saul_ROBERTS Hey Saul,

Thanks for confirming that. I suppose you could use this figure as it will be accurate for up to 10,000 transactions on free accounts.

If the figures displayed in the summary are all you need then go ahead, but your tax authority may need a detailed and itemised listing of your trades for which you will need a report.

I hope that helps!

Ali :rocket:

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