Found a massive bug on Koinly calculation (Kraken API) - Missing Purchase History and Bloated capital gains

(Using Kraken API to Koinly)

Okay, so I encountered plenty of “Missing Purchase History” errors, bloated number of reserves and tokens in my wallet and bloated amount of capital gains.

So I went back and matched the Koinly transactions with Kraken’s trading history transactions one-by-one.

Then I found out that prior to November 9, 2023 10:51am (UTC timezone), the transaction amounts are correct on Koinly. BUT somewhere in between 10:51am, Koinly started to DOUBLE all the transactions (see attached image below). It started recording double buys, double sells, and double profits/loss!

This double-amount transactions lead to “Missing Purchase History”, incorrect profits/losses, incorrect amount of calculated token reserves in Kraken account and incorrect CAPITAL GAIN/LOSS!

This bug persists all the way to today’s transactions (today is March 21, 2024)!

Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Tax deadline is coming very soon and we need to present the correct transaction records to IRS.

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Turns out it’s fixed by starting over the wallet and using the latest Kraken API.

Once the Kraken API withdrawal bug is fixed, everything on Kraken-Koinly is good to go: Kraken API: Withdrawal fee is deducted from the sent amount instead of increasing it | API/CSV issues (public) | Koinly