Fiat deposits and balances omitted from Tax Report

Fiat deposits and fiat balances are displayed correctly in Koinly, however these items are omitted from the tax report.
There seems no way to add these items to the tax report.
I can generate a transaction report with this data, however that report is just a csv hence is not accepted by my accountant.
Without these items included in the Koinly tax report, it is not usable at least for Australian tax returns.
Is this a bug or intended feature?

My understanding is that Fiat deposits do not count as taxable events, only disposals and income transactions.
I think you will only need the record of Fiat deposits if at some time in the future you are asked (perhaps as a tax audit if you are suspected of money-laundering) to demonstrate how you acquired your crypto. If and when that happens, you will need to have a readily exportable record of all your deposits.
Does your accountant ask you for this information?
It may be the case that Australian tax returns require this, but I know that UK HMRC does not.