Feature to Hide Wallets

Please consider adding a feature to hide wallets. This would be exceptional for skipping over wallets that are no longer used. Otherwise, a sort feature for sorting on most recently transacted wallets would suffice - as long as the sort condition is retained as a chosen default.

The current default sort, newest wallet, is the least desirable sort, IMO.

Bumping this, super necessary feature. There are many wallets that I do not use anymore, and they clog up the page where I have to go through and click ‘sync wallet’. Please give us the option so we can hide wallets that we no long care to update/are in use.

@65clubs @lostpoet

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback! I would urge you to also register an upvote for this on our feedback page linked below. :smiley:

Voted, thanks – I was unaware this feedback.koinly.io page existed!

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