Feature to add Binance Chain address as wallet

BNB is in the top 3 now in terms of market cap. Can we please add the feature to be able to add a Binance Chain address as a wallet? This is going to help Koinly greatly in terms increasing market share.

+1! BNB is a massive project and should be available as an option here.

It’s been an option for month. Binance Smart Chain in add wallet

Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain are two different things.

Anyone figured this out?

So, Binance wallet and Binance Smart Chain are two different chains. Binance wallet is an extension for Chrome to bridging between BP2 (Binance chain) to BP20 (Binance Smart Chain).

Adding the Binance Dex wallet works for showing balances + Deposits + Withdrawals. it wont show any Delegating transactions such as rewards sent to your wallet

Yea, I ended up doing that. It’s not perfect though, it’s missing some transactions. Specially if you made any crosschain moves from BP2 to BP20, but not a big deal. I ended up matching them manually.

Agree its not ideal. I had to add all my transactions manually too which now balances up perfectly.

Exactly. I need Bep2 Binance Chain to be added to clear up a lot of missing transactions.

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Yes, BEP2 Binance Chain support would be lovely.