Exchanging (convert) multiple coins to another triggers additional profit

Describe the problem:
How to deal with the conversion of one or more different coins to another single coin, without triggering additional profit that is incorrect

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
KuCoin (Binance as well since they offer conversion of multiple coins to BNB)

How did you import data into this wallet?
API Sync

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Tried to merge them all together, but of course the “Exchange” tag seems to be inappropriate for this kind of conversion. I tried as well to find a workaround by manually importing and dealing with them, however without success. For example, check the screenshot below, where I have converted several different coins (POL, ATOM, ETH, XTZ, and EOS) to KCS. If I leave them as they are, then I will be taxed twice the actual profit, one for the “Send” transactions and another one for the “Deposit” transactions. Is there any suggestion how to deal such transactions or a possible fix for that?

It looks like you “converted dust” to KCS. I did something similar on Binance converting small rests of the sold coins to BNB. In Koinly, I saw a bunch of Send and Deposit transactions with the same time stamp.

To get around it, I’ve changed the transaction type of a “Send” transaction to “Exchange”, because I think it is exchange: I sell a coin for a coin. As an amount I sold my coin for I used the price in BNB (KCS in your case) I received as a result of the conversion.

Then I deleted (soft delete) the “Deposit” transaction because I already added BNB (KCS in your case) to the “Exchange” (old Send) transaction.

I hope it is correct.

See how it looks like on the image below.

Yep, it is the same thing as Binance. I also agree with your approach, but in my case I convert multiple dust of coins into KCS, so there is no option to know exactly the amount of KCS received from each one. I guess I could get the total amount of received KCS, divide it to the number of converted coins, and put that tiny amount as an Exchange transaction for each of these coins. However, I want to avoid that by any means since it will be a really painful process…