Ethereum Validator Rewards

I am trying to import Eth2 rewards by adding a wallet with the validator address. This results in an “Error! Invalid address format” error.

I see someone else has raised this and the topic is now closed with no public resolution (How to Add ETH Validator?)

So please can you tell me how I add my own validator to Koinly so I can track eth staking rewards?


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For those also looking for an answer here…

Incredibly, after 2 years of Ethereum PoS being live, Koinly still have not integrated validator staking rewards.

This is Ethereum, the first and largest executable blockchain by far and the standard by which all others are judged.

The move to PoS has been mooted since 2014 and the Merge this year was described widely in the mainstream media as the most significant event in crypto to date. The way it is secured is by Ethereum Staking.

I am genuinely shocked that Koinly have failed so badly on this.

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Hi @pcbmaster,

Welcome to the Discuss community! Thank you for reaching out about this issue, and for connecting with our support team!

To everyone who is curious about this as well, the chains should have merged by now and all activity should now be taking place on the main Eth chain, though the validator network should be in Koinly, especially after wider recognition of ETH as a PoS.

Plans to add support for specific chains would be based on demand, so please do visit our canny page to help us evolve and understand which ones to prioritize.

In the meantime, a forward approach would be creating a custom wallet and manually importing the rewards data. Additionally there may be a 3rd party export tool of the explorer that might help to import the ETH rewards directly to this manual wallet.

If all the rewards were funneled back to Mainnet ETH, these naturally will be imported by our API.

Thank you again, pcbmaster for shining a light on how we can better support the community, and explore a workable and efficient solution.

If anyone here has questions through their own process, please connect with our support team!

Have an awesome day!

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