Editing individual coins in a wallet

Good day. I have a couple of suggestions based on some aspects that have been causing me a lot of time expenditure.

  1. It would be really useful to be able to download transactions from an api just for a selected coin or coins. Sometimes a particular coin requires attention to detail but one does not want to duplicate manual transactions for other coins in the wallet.
  2. It would be great if I could bulk delete all transactions in a wallet with a specified tag. In particular, delete all tiny rewards at once so as to sum them to something meaningful manually from a csv file and enter them eg monthly or quarterly. (Even better: merge all tiny rewards between specified dates.)
    Thanks for attention.

Hi @spbmat

Thanks for your feedback! :+1:t2:

We actually have a couple of new features that sound like what you’re looking for. :tada:

We’ve got our bulk edit/delete feature:

Also, we have a bulk export/import that you can use to edit certain transactions before uploading them back into your wallet:

One thing to note about the export/import feature is (at the moment) it can only be used to export and import from/to an existing wallet. You can’t export the transactions, change them and import them to a new wallet, but this is coming soon. :blush: