Downloaded Yearly Transaction History - omg it delivers Wrong Numbers!

  1. I downloaded my yearly transaction histories from Koinly (Tax reports → Transaction history → download report)

  2. It asks me how to import -
    here i already see the mistake:
    Row 7 is a sell of ‘4 Bitcoin’ → but in reality it’s not 4 Bitcoin but 0.004 Bitcoin!

I imported in another tax software (because Koinly just doesn’t support my Austrian country anymore with it’s new crypto tax laws), and of course it recognizes it wrongly, thinking i sold 4 bitcoin.
Of course i can correct this one mistake easily, but i have 6000 Transactions!

Here another one:
→ selling 3888 bitcoin apparently

while actually i sold 3.888

The Document seems to be full of these mistakes
I opened it with LibreOffice Calc and also with google excel alternative, both have same results (4btc instead of 0.004 btc)

Even opening koinly yearly transaction history with text-editor makes same mistake


Hey @RockingIt

The issue here seems to be your data source for Bitstamp, can you please verify this first?

The transactions history file is just a copy of the data you have imported, so if this is inaccurate, then the figures will be too.

Please open a support ticket so we can let you know the issues with the file;

[email protected]

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