Discussion Board Improvement

The discussion boards would be a lot better if someone from Koinly can start answering some of the questions.

I agree with comments about the usefulness of the discussion board and problem solving more generally.

Many services now have a Telegram channel with dedicated staff that respond in real time to problems. If they can’t solve it, so be it, but it’s a whole lot better than posting or sending a query and waiting for an answer that may never come.

I like Koinly for 98% of what it does, but the 2% that doesn’t work then eats up a lot of my goodwill about the service. In the end, if transaction reporting isn’t 100% correct, the tax analysis just can’t be relied upon and the software isn’t doing the job it’s advertised as doing. If getting the other 2% right takes up an inordinate amount of time (generally it seems to), then it becomes very frustrating. Not having timely replies to queries and problems only exacerbates this feeling. I appreciate that there is complexity in providing this kind of service (and Koinly is better than others at doing it), but it’s all the more reason to accept that customers will experience problems and need a troubleshooting service that’s up to the task.