Definition of "Received" and "Sent" in Breakdown on Dashboard?

I can not figure out how the amounts shown in the Breakdown box on the Dashboard are calculated for the “Received” and “Sent” categories. Can someone give me or point me to the definition of each?

I am as clueless as you are - but decided to leave a reaction - maybe someone can explain to me what the difference is between ‘Received’ and ‘Realized Gains’ - should stay below 600 for tax purposes when trading - i am just not sure how to read the breakdown.

And calculating it manually does not add up

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Sent is when you have withdrawn crypto from a wallet/exchange with no other transaction to balance it out. So if you have staked/loaned coin, sent to someone else, or used for a purchase, like buying a Koinly plan with BTC, it will show up there

More about the transactions are here:

Well I wish it was that simple.

This transaction is marked as “You sent 4,375.926 USDT worth SEK 36,986.76 to someone” which I guess is summed up in Sent?

In reality it was a buy of ETC:

2021-04-16 12:34:37,Spot,Buy,ETC,144.42000000,""
2021-04-16 12:34:37,Spot,Commission Fee Shared With You,ETC,0.02888400,""
2021-04-16 12:34:37,Spot,Transaction Related,USDT,-4375.92600000,""
2021-04-16 12:34:37,Spot,Fee,ETC,-0.14442000,""

So that would show up as a withdrawal to an unknown and an income of the etc.

Merge the transaction as a trade and it should be removed from sent.

At least that’s what I found.