DeFi Saver (DFS) Support for Maker DAO CDP

I have multiple CDP open with Maker DAO CDP that are liquidation protected by the DeFi Saver (DFS).

If i add manually the smart contract proxy address of ETH as a new ETH wallet, Koinly calculation gets confused by the increased leverage (“boost”) and decrease of leverage (“repay”). It have not yet understood what the problem pattern is, but it seems to get confused by the FlashLoans which are needed to leverage the ETH position.

I tried to just add the tax relevant sell operations manually as trade, but then i have the wrongefully DAI in my account from selling.

Please add support for DeFi Saver (DFS) of Maker DAO CDP

Bump! I have the same problem and really wish there was a way to navigate this. Wondering if you found a solution yourself?

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Same issue here. Koinly, please add support for this.

Maybe @Anakin_Koinly has un update for us?

The other post Maker Vault Tax - #2 by Jimbo with all the open references got already auto-closed. Loans / Boost are essential for DeFi. Alchemix is the next one that will become large.

For me this is a koinly showstopper as well.
Up your defi stack - or integrate with or!

What do you use instead?