Dashboard cost basis

On the Dashboard the tooltip in cost basis says “…is not the total fiat you have spent on crypto”, this is not clear to me, what is this supposed to mean? If it’s not the total amount why should I care?, and what would then the total amount include more and why is the total amount not being shown instead?

If you are realizing gains on crypto to crypto trades then the cost basis changes every time you make a crypto to crypto trade. Ex. you can spend 20 USD to buy 1 LTC then sell that LTC for 100 XLM (at market price of $100). This would result in a cost basis of $100 even though you only spent a total of $20 on your crypto. We will be showing the actual fiat spent as well soon.


Can you please explain the "Worth line as well, and why it doesn’t match the “Total Value?” My Worth is more than twice as my Total Value.

The average cost per unit appears to be calculated as pure averages per transaction, rather than weighted averages based on the number of units acquired at each price point. The result is that minor transactions at a high price wrongly skews the price per unit displayed on the dashboard.
Can you please confirm how this number is calculated?

We will be showing the actual fiat spent as well soon.

Has there been any development on this front?


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