Dasboard showing tokens which are already deleted

Describe the problem:

Dasboard showing tokens which are already deleted.
Not accounting manual adjustments.
Wallet balances including already deleted ( soft delete) scam coins.
It was OK just a few days ago.
Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Most of the wallets, especially metamask but also Bitget.

How did you import data into this wallet?
Api, manual

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Nothing so far , I thing it may be a bug affecting Koinly

Hi @wieslaw_mirek

Would you try disabling “Reported balances” on the dashboard?

There are some other ways to troubleshoot this but it requires some investigation, so if the above toggle does not help, please reach out to our support team and we will look into the issue. [email protected]

Also had this problem.
Thnx for showing us the new switch, - too bad it’s enabled by default :frowning:

But is there also one for the Graph above it?
As the total Value there is wrong for me too - likely cause of the “Reported balances” thing.

Hi @g0nzi77

In that case, you should fix the discrepancies in your wallets. We also have the option to ignore reported balances for each wallet that is explained in the article below:


Here is more about the yellow warning on the wallets:



You can also read about the issues with the graph here:


i think you understood the problem wrong. Our you don’t know about the latest changes we see

It is all ok when it is about the calculated balances.
But since yesterday or so the reported balances are used for the total value shown in the graph.
And the reported balances are not that what i want. Cause for example stuff that is in lending on exchanges is not in the reported balance.
And the switch (switched off) that was suggested on the previous answer helps with showing the right details on the holdings overview. but as said, not on the total value for the graph

But i reported it now to the support - with a screenshot. So it is easier to understand :wink:

//edit: also a problem related to this new switch - even when the switch is off, if you press + on an asset and want to the the allocation to the wallets, there is the reported balance used.

So overall: the new “feature” with the new behaviour and the switch is IMO very bad implemented.
I even don’t understand why it exists, cause you have the option if you want rely on calculated or reported values on each wallet seperately. Where it makes a lot more sense.


Explains alot, thanks

Update on this:
It seems it was fixed in last few minutes :+1: