Custom Coin Tracking

For coins/tokens that Koinly does not currently support in its database, it would great for users to still be able to add them manually in transactions and just input the cost basis / current price ourselves. This will always be important as new cryptos are created every day and it’s impossible for Koinly (or anyone really) to keep up, so I think this is an important capability to have.

100%. This is causing me issues importing transactions for unsupported chains using CSV as the token name doesn’t exist in their database. You should be able to import from CSV and supply the cost basis yourself.

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Exactly. It would also allow us to track LP token transactions when using defi protocols that aren’t yet supported.

I’ll just say more broadly that implementing this would basically allow users the flexibility to manually plug every hole in their reporting that currently exists as result of previously unknown cryptocurrencies, blockchains, etc. that the Koinly dev team hasn’t gotten to creating an automated solution for yet. These holes will always be there otherwise, it’s just the nature of the space (essentially a never-ending game of Wack-A-Mole)

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No way to upvote this but you have my vote. :smiley:

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I have an unlisted coin & would love to add that into my tax report