Custom Coin Tracking

For coins/tokens that Koinly does not currently support in its database, it would great for users to still be able to add them manually in transactions and just input the cost basis / current price ourselves. This will always be important as new cryptos are created every day and it’s impossible for Koinly (or anyone really) to keep up, so I think this is an important capability to have.

100%. This is causing me issues importing transactions for unsupported chains using CSV as the token name doesn’t exist in their database. You should be able to import from CSV and supply the cost basis yourself.


Exactly. It would also allow us to track LP token transactions when using defi protocols that aren’t yet supported.

I’ll just say more broadly that implementing this would basically allow users the flexibility to manually plug every hole in their reporting that currently exists as result of previously unknown cryptocurrencies, blockchains, etc. that the Koinly dev team hasn’t gotten to creating an automated solution for yet. These holes will always be there otherwise, it’s just the nature of the space (essentially a never-ending game of Wack-A-Mole)


No way to upvote this but you have my vote. :smiley:


I have an unlisted coin & would love to add that into my tax report

Agree, this is a must have or else you can never get a correct tax report as soon as you buy/sell an untracked token.

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This exists if you use the NULL tokens. Unfortunately it makes it a nightmare to track which coins are which because there is no way to give them custom names.

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Trying to do tax (tax time here in Australia) but Koinly doesn’t have all the coins. Need a solution Koinly??

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For 2021 I only have one additional token that I need to track for my taxes. It is for a new token (XRD) which will not issue it’s genesis block until July 28, 2021. I plan to manually track the dates, times and amounts for every buy/sell/stake/unstake transaction and create a CSV file with them. Will I be able to call the token NULL, and import these into Koinly? I can take Koinly’s summary CSV file and manually name all the NULL tokens to XRD, and my accountant can work from the CSV file. Will Koinly accept and work with such an import?

This would be really helpful. Especially for newer tokens.

Same here, some tokens I held are not listed which makes it impossible to track them with Koinly.

This would be a great idea!

Wondering if anyone is having the same problem with CTX. At the moment it is showing 0 value 0 price,

Is this the way Koinly works?
They have to add new coins to the database before we can pickup a price or value?

very nice feature