Defi Wallet issues in Koinly

I have posted here before about being the victim of a crypto scam. I fell for a romance scam. I used Coinbase and Defi Wallet. I already got my money out of my Coinbase account. I cannot upload the csv I got rom my Defi Wallet into Koinly because of the format. I tried to the to get the csv but I couldn’t. Should I make a custom CSV file for the Defi Wallet?

Also, with tax time, I’m not sure how I should label transactions due to this being a scam. I also need to know what tax file I should make for these transactions. I know I can’t put it in the Capital Gains and Losses due to being scammed. I already reported my case to the authorities.

Are there any solutions that can help me out? Thank you for any help you have.

Hi @Newby,

We cannot comment on the tax side of your question, but for DeFi Wallet, if you have your public key (public address), you can import your transactions into Koinly using one of the importers below:

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