Counting the 50% CGT discount in australia

do koinly’s tax reports include the 50% CGT discount on relevant transactions? in other words, does koinly recognise where an asset as been held for more than 12 months and discount the taxable gain on it by 50%?


Yes I would like the Koinly Staff to answer this before I sign up and pay.
It tested it out with 1 trade 18 months apart and it did not discount or mark the gain in the free version. If it does in the paid version then at least there should be some indication it’s a discounted gain in the free version to prove that when you pay it will do this!

No, sorry but the ATO will not apply the discounts.

At Item 18H (Total Capital Gain) This amount is the sum of all capital gains received without applying the capital gains tax (CGT) discount.

At item 18A (Net Capital Gain) This amount is the net capital gain after applying current
year and/or prior year capital losses (ideally to short-term gains) and the relevant CGT discount on long-term gains.

Be nice to see a sample report to see the separation of short-term and long-term gains as the free version doesn’t mention this.

We will show your short term and long term gains separately so that the discount can be applied to the long term gains easily. However we dont apply the actual discount, i believe you still have to report the full figures and let ATO do the discount.

You can see the tax reports on

The Long term gain is from assets sold after 1 year