Correct "Portfolio Settings" for Finland

Having a hard time figuring out the correct portfolio settings for Finland. Anyone know what they should be?

See the picture below for default settings on my end. Are they specific to the country I entered into Koinly, or is it the same for everyone? Hoping that Koinly already looked into correct configuration for each country they service, and defaulted us to the correct local settings.

Thank you in advance!

Hi again @carthago,

I could be wrong but I don’t think Koinly has produced a specific Tax Guide for Finland. As such, I would expect the default settings for Finland are the most conservative in each case. If so, you could end up paying more taxes than required by law.

I would suggest that you seek tax advice on how to calculate and report taxes on crypto assets in Finland. You might want to search the web for a specific Guide to declaring crypto taxes in Finland. This will help you adjust Koinly’s default settings if approriate.


Yessir! @Mark_DesLauriers is correct here. Koinly will by default apply the “appropriate” settings for your chosen country upon sign up.

If you have doubts, please refer to a tax expert!

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