"Commission Fee Shared With You" & "BNB deducts fee"

Hi, When using Binance csv transaction statements for tax purposes, I came across the following issues. Any help in clarifying them would be really appreciated. Koinly support has not yet answered to such questions, while the deadline (in Spain) is now approaching.

  • How to record “Commission Fee Shared With You” showing up in Binance csv files? Koinly records it as Deposit, is this correct? Or this item does not have to be reported at all, which is what importing with API does?

  • How to record “BNB deducts fee” from Spot to IsolatedMargin? It cannot be recorded as Transfer as the currencies (symbols) should be the same. For the moment, I recorded the corresponding “inter-accounts” fee operation as Cost from Spot and Deposit to Isolated Margin. Is this correct?

  • BNB sent/received to/from “Launchpad subscribe” is wrongly recorded as withdrawal/deposit. It should be instead tagged as sent/received to/from Pool, correct?

Thank you.

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