Clarification on ico's

Lets say there is an ICO. I pool an ICO called ABC with some friends 1st November 2017. ETH is pegged at $400 by the company. I send 2 ETH and the token price is set at 0.0025 ETH so I get 800 tokens for the price but we don’t receive them yet. When I send my ETH to the pool, ETH is $350 (I sent $700) on 1st November. I receive the tokens on 1st December 2017 back to my wallet. ETH is $500. The tokens are tradeable yet. January the 1st 2018 the tokens launch on an exchange, ETH is $600, tokens trade at 0.002 on opening day, I sell them and get 1.6ETH ($960) back.

Which are the key dates and values I need to be looking at for my taxes?

Is there a simple way

Hi, please see this:

You could delete the single wabi deposit and edit the 2 outgoing ETH transactions to be trades. This will ensure the amount of wabi you get back is still the same.

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I guess the specific question I have is, if I sent the eth to a pool address that wasnt under my control and received lots of other transactions, I do I get it to track properly without adding the address to my wallets, as when choose trade for that transaction I am required to select one. I have 2 transactions from 2 of my own eth addresses going to 2 different eth addresses for the wabi ico, then one distribution address sent the wabi tokens to my separate whitelisted addresses…any idea how I would structure this, its not clear to me reading that article :frowning: