CGT for crypto events as specified by Australian Taxation Office

Help needed in lodging tax returns with Australian Taxation Office.

I used Binance and ByBit for crypto trading.

What should I write in -

  1. Total current year capital gains
  2. Net capital gain
  3. Net capital loss carried forward to later income years.

Since Binance provides tax reports for users, I’ve this -

Realized capital gains = $1252.43
Realized capital losses = - $909.14
Net capital gain = $343.29

Now for ByBit I calculated total profit and loss as -
Total profit = 498.17
Total loss = - $1753.82

Please guide me.


Hey @Crypto_Hunter :wave:

Unfortunately, this is not something we can provide assistance with from a Customer Support perspective.

Are you using Koinly to calculate your taxes or are you taking data from exchanges and working it out yoursef?

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