Celsius Sync Not Working


I recently noticed that a number of my Celsius transactions are not being reported by the Koinly Dashboard, even though the amount of crypto tokens/coins shows up in the drop down menu under the Holdings sections along with the full market value.

For example, if my total ETH balance hypothetically shows up as 5, clicking on the plus sign for the accordion style drop down results in showing Celsius with the accurate amount of 7. The amount doesn’t roll up to the total.

I tried deleting Celsius and uploading it again, but it does not show up correctly.

Just as some context, I did transfer a number of crypto from my exchange account to Celsius, so I’m wondering if there’s a mix up where it’s not recognizing that they’re in Celsius now. I tried deleting and adding my exchange account as well to see if that would fix it, but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Okay, just found out there was a delay in syncing. The problem has been fixed.

How long was they delay for you? I have been waiting over 12 hours for a Celsius transaction to show up, and resyncing the wallet many times so far has not fixed it. I’m also using CoinTracker and that has not had any issues syncing with Celsius…

You could try deleting the wallet and adding. I’ve only had a problem with Celsius on that one occasion.

I’ve personally had to force resyncing of all transactions for any newer transaction to be registered as such. The API integration has been buggy for me so far.

Hi there Veg!

Koinly will not pull in any new transactions unless you manually click the “Sync now” button on each wallet, or if you purchased the “Daily sync” add-on.

That’s the most common cause for not getting any new transactions to import, but there could be some other issues that affect the syncing. If you’re still not getting any transactions to sync after clicking that button then there must be something wrong with the API and we’d have to look into the cause.

If that’s not what you’re referring to and I’m misunderstanding, then please let me know and I will take a closer look! :slight_smile: