Capturing Assignment of Coins into a LLC

Would I be able to capture the unrealized losses/gains of cryptocurrencies assigned from my personal name to a LLC?

I know I can trade cryptocurrency assets in my name to capture the loss and ideally reach a net zero for capital gains. Then, I could loan or assign those assets to a LLC.

I have a LLC in which I intend to begin trading in. However, I have no assets or fiat in that LLC as of this typing. I would prefer to keep my taxes cleaner by assigning the assets to a LLC and capturing the losses/gains when traded within the LLC rather than on my personal taxes.

The end goal is to simplify accounting for my tax team and myself. In that vein, would it be best to reach the ‘net-zero point’ in my name first, then assign or loan the assets to the LLC? Or, can I just loan or assign the assets now?

I would prefer to avoid creating a loan where my LLC has to pay me back. I’m trying to limit ownership of cash held in my name directly.

Hi @Westley_Kicliter

Unfortunately, we can not provide you with any clarity regarding this as it is beyond our scope of support and I advise you to talk to a crypto-aware tax accountant.

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