Calcul of canadian gain/loss Tax 2020


I bought for a while review expert on my canadian Tax report but not response from Koinly team. Is there someone ever experienced review expert ? is someone is confortable with gain/los result ? I feel Koinly doesn’t succeed to categorize transactions correctly. For instance when you transfert same coin to another platform it identify gain so it means like you will have to pay tax like you gain somethings. Of course I court change it manually but with lots of transactions it s not imaginable (and that’s why I pay koinly originally) Did some one of you experiences issue like that in tax declaration ?


Import the transactions from the other platform. Maybe it’ll automatically link the withdrawal and deposit onto the new platform as a transfer.

unfortunately not. I am both linked directly with api of the both platforms. And It appears categorization ar not good. So tax report is not accurate.

I still didn’t received expert review. 300$ and no news ! Is Koinly a scam ? Do they stole clients ?

I have the same issue you mention, I have transactions wrongly categorized, but I guess this depends from where the information is coming, api, csv, etc…
I was thinking to give a try to the expert review, but as you mention, I am not able to get a reply from the team, I guess they are busy
can you keep us updated on how it goes the expert review?

Yes I will make an update here. If the expert come back to me on time ! (If they are busy early January imagine what will me near tax deadline !)