Bybit CSV Import failes

I tried to import my trades from bybit by using a csv file.
Therefore I followed the instructions:

Derivatives Account Asset History

  1. Log in to your Bybit account.
  2. Click this link to go to your Derivatives Account History records.

But when I try to import this file, I get the error message:
“Please import your derivative Asset History file instead of this one”

Hi @Scotsman

The Bybit files and their formats constantly change and there is a good chance that this is the reason why you are experiencing this issue.

Would you make sure you have followed our instructions above and then contact our support so that we can look into this further? [email protected]

I’m having the same problem - still waiting to hear back from support. It looks like Bybit have changed their file format.

I’m also having exactly the same issue.
Any updates / suggestions?

you just posted the exact information that all of the individuals have being using which does not currently work, that is the reason for existence of this thread.

I can see that your case is already being handled by our support, Aaron!

I’m having the same issue and error message when attempting the csv import. No obvious “asset” tab/selection under ‘derivatives > trading history’ on bybit despite Koinly’s request. What a mess.

I am having this same problem. Has anyone had a fix for this yet?

Hi guys,

Bybit allows its users to export a wide variety of CSV files but the ones which are exported by the users do not contain the data that we need to process your taxes.

Would you please contact ByBit support and request 3 files from them:

  •   Spot Asset History
  •   Derivative Asset History
  •   Earn Asset History

Please be explicit in your request. If you receive a message saying that you can now download the files yourself, please reply to them that the files you requested are not available anymore.

These are the files that we need.

We are working on fixing this but it may take some time as there are quite a lot of files and not all contain what we need.

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