Bybit API sync is a nightmare

My Bybit account has 2 subaccounts, and sometimes the deposits into those subaccounts show up in the API sync of the main account, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes it duplicates deposits. Also syncing the API from the main account does not keep track of the Realized P&L of the subaccount margin trades, only the main account margin trades.

Ideally Koinly should be able to use just the API from the main account to keep track of all deposits/withdrawals into/out of the main account and sub accounts, interfund transfers between the main account and subaccounts, and the Realized P&L on the account and all subaccounts.

If it is not possible to get all the subaccount info from the just the main account API and creating APIs for the subaccounts is necessary, Koinly should at least be able to parse out the deposits/withdrawals so they aren’t getting duplicated. Just a smoother integration of this exchange would be appreciated.