Brave Browser BAT Rewards

Hi Koinly Team,

how are Brave Browser Rewards seen from a taxes point of view (especially in Germany)?
In 2020 i have received some here and there, my Wallet is not verified.
If it is tax relevant, how can i document this here?

Thank you!

I added my Uphold account which receives the rewards monthly. They seem to be auto tagged as income.

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Okay that sounds like “sonstige Einkünfte nach § 22 Nr. 3 EStG” (other income) in the German Tax law.

In my case i didn´t create an Uphold Account since i had no 25 BAT collected at any given time.
Also i had the Auto-Spend option switched on, so i got rid of a lot of tokens in under one year and at the moment my Wallet (virtual and useable in the Brave Browser exclusively ) holds ~0.25 BAT.

However if this still counts as taxable, i might wanna make an estimate how much FIAT this would have been so i can mark and add this to the Staking income sum which falls under § 22 Nr. 3 EStG.
However every Depot considered additionally, i wouldn´t even break the threshold (Freigrenze) of 256,00€, at least for 2020.
Is the Auto-spending really taxable as well, similar to selling staked coins?
This could be the “normal” buying/selling/swiching Cryptocurrencies then being
“Sonstige Einkünfte aus privaten Veräußerungsgeschäften im Sinne des § 23 EStG”