Binance (US) API sync doesn't import USD transactions

Describe the problem:
USD deposit and withdrawal transactions are not importing into Koinly via Binance (US) API. Koinly’s website says API doesn’t provide fiat transactions, but Cointracker is able to import fiat transactions from Binance (US) via API, so Binance (US) API must be providing fiat transactions.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Binance (US)

How did you import data into this wallet?
Using Binance (US)'s API

What have you tried to fix this so far?


If I download the transaction report from Binance.US, the information that’s required exists, so I’m not sure why Koinly can’t fix the mapping to accurately import the entries. These tax reports aren’t inexpensive so I would think they could come up with the resources to figure it out?

also having issues with this. the CSV files and API is a joke please help Koinly


Also having a long-standing problem getting a transaction report via .csv - I just get headers or just a few transactions - very random. Voyager could do this I can’t see why Binance.US can’t…

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Same issues here. Fiat purchases not recognized.

I’m currently having this issue - January 10th, 2023.

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Hello user148215,

Can you please clear up whether you are talking about deposits of fiat or purchases with fiat, i.e. with a credit card?

It’s possible we ignore the former on purpose, while it’s the latter that is the limitation. If it’s the former, we might not import said transactions due to them not being relevant for your gains and/or to reduce your total transactions. I hope that makes sense.

I am having this same issue. Binance US API doenst important cost basis for transactions. i tried csv import as well. is there a solution for this? please help

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@Mathias_Koinly: Just started using Koinly today. In comparing the actual .csv data I see the BUY transactions were imported as Sell transactions.
I assume if I flip the values (Coin/Fiat types AND amounts … possibly the fee type as well?) it will fix the reporting. Of course, I would rather not do it manually.
Please let me know if I can provide anything else to assist Koinly with this issue.


FYI, this is a Koinly thing and NOT a BinanceUS thing. I use and tested multiple other crypto portfolio/tax sites and they all import the transactions fine/correctly.

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Feb 2023:

Face the same in Binance.US – some transaction reporting via .csv is missing.

On the other hand, API based sync 'ing from Binance.US is failing saying ‘symbol not found. retry later’.

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