Binance Trades Appear as Deposits, Withdrawals, And Costs

Describe the problem:
I have 7,000+ transactions imported from Binance CSV using UTC time zone. I have found all the instances of Deposits & Withdrawals that show a grey globe on one side, that are actually transfers between my wallets, and have fixed those. But now I’m running into 1,000s of instances where a Trade/Swap of two coins is separated into three transactions: a deposit, a withdrawal and a cost. I started to try and go through and merge them, and sometimes I can see that the deposit and withdrawal amounts look similar, so I assume they are one Tx, but most times that is not evident, as the amounts are not obvious. Between not wanting to guess, or manually comb through 1000s of transactions, I’m hoping there is a way of automating this by editing the sheet, or some other solution.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?
CSV with UTC time zone

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Manually merging them, through guesswork.

Hiya. I think I’m hitting the same issue as you. I have a feeling it has something to do with the ordering of rows from the Binance export not coming our correctly in some cases.

It looks like the CSV should have the format, eg, for a buy:

Buy Row
Sell Row

But I have many at the same time (with no milliseconds) which are jumbled together.

Not sure if this is of any use but I’m hopeful Koinly might be able to see this and chime in.

Please shout if you figure anything else out and I’ll do the same. Cheers.

@Wlo Me too! I’m cautiously optimistic at this point though. It’s been a while. I just paid for my account though, so maybe I can support through official channels and update you.