Binance staking rewards

This seems to be an issue for Binance only. While trading history does appear in the transaction history, all staking rewards gained through Binance are not added to the koinly transaction history, causing a mismatch in calculated vs. reported balances. All the right API settings appear to be enabled.

What is the impact of this on taxes in the generated reports (in the UK), if reports are sent through with these mismatches?

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I’ve been adding them manually, including a “sent to pool” transaction when I start staking on binance (otherwise the balance) goes missing.

Not sure if its missing from Binance API or on Koinly end

EDIT: Looks like its a Binance missing feature - EARN (Locked Staking) - Spot/Margin API - Binance Developer Community

So for example, when you stake 1inch. You are adding a transaction that sends it to pool and then adding your daily staking rewards manually? Is there even a need to add the send to pool since my balance shown is correct save for the fact that it is missing any of my staked rewards.

@PurpleDrain Do you manually type them in or is there a way to export to csv?