Binance,com Errors and Troubleshooting Tips

Thought I would post some of my issues and solutions up because there doesnt seem to be much recent information on the forums and support seems to be missing in action a little. Feel free to post up your own as it could help someone else trying to navigate the madness that seems to be crypto taxes.
I do believe this is the best product (i tried them all) but its far from complete and there are some very simple changes that could be added to the interface to assist users.
There are multiple issues with the Binance Intergration, some not Koinly problems but I do think a little more interaction from Koinly would be appropriate for such an expensive product,

Issues i’ve found:

  1. Koinly does not look at seconds in the time stamp for transactions.
    This means the majority of the missing costs will simply be a SELL and BUY being in the wrong time order. This is crazy cause most programming libraries compare dates down to the millisecond. Its not an error in the data, its an error in the display and processing of the data.
    If you sync with API you cant change the time for a transaction either.
    One way around this is to create an identical transaction with the altered time and delete the original using the soft delete option. The other is to use the CSV import instead of the API, but the CSV will have the same time-based issues (alot more of them) because of the way Koinly looks at dates, but you CAN edit the transactions after importing.

  2. The API has missing transactions, trades or margin loan data.
    The API missed several days worth of loans and repayment for my margin account. After comparing with my CSV i discovered 26 loans/repayments that weren’t imported by the API.
    You can manually add these but I found, if your using the API, importing the entire 'Margin Trading" history created duplicate transactions, so you need to import only the missing ones which means you’ll have to manually create a file. You can use the same CSV format as the Binance “Trade History” export or “Generate All Statements” export which is easier than converting it to the Koinly CSV format.

  3. The CSV import method has missing transactions!
    If you use the CSV option you’ll have to manually change all the transactions that have missing costs and you’ll have to import all margin history. You;ll also need to import all fiat deposits, fiat withdrawls and futures history. There could still be missing transaction data too so you’ll have to manually find and recreate these if your balances are way off. Don’t worry about a couple of dollars you’ll never find it. Focus on the big numbers first and get it as close as possible.

  4. Binance will not provide data for delisted pegs via the API.
    If an asset peg (e.g. LUNAUSDT) is removed from Binance it will not provide any related trades through the API, including margin trades. You’ll need to extract these from the CSV and import them separately. Once again you can use the same Binance CSV format. To find if a peg has been delisted you’ll have to search on Binance for each peg to see whether it is still available. In the Margin Trade screen you can search and filter for the different margin or future options.

Hope this helps others. If i find anything else i’ll post it up :sunglasses:

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Great info, thank you