Binance API reporting error -1000 (500)

Describe the problem:
Api binance sync stopped working since 21st of August. I am doing trades on daily basis. 17k transactions since start. Until that date, everything was working fine. There is no issue on Binance side, because other apps & services are working with Binance API normally, e.g. coinstats. etc. for tracking the portfolio and trading. Some guy from support, called Javier, was just laughing on me, that just use CSV import.

Quote: “You only have to wait a bit and you’ll be able to sync again. One hour is usually enough wait for this! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: As this ticket was opened before the weekend, I assume it’s already fixed. Just try resync now if you haven’t already.”

This is not a solution. i paid for saving money and time, and not playing weeks with 17k transactions from CSV files. where is only 3-12 months old data.

  • Dust conversions older than 1 year are not provided
  • Only Futures from the last 3 months are imported
  • Convert trades before 2021-01-01 are not provided by API

This is ridiculous.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Re-sync manually
Create new API wallet with new API key on Binance

   > ---
   > Wallet: Binance Ondra (Binance)
   > Transactions: 17080
   > Imported with: API
   > 1. An unknown error occurred while processing the request. - -1000 (500)

In the mean time … i tried to create 2nd api connection…


Also broken …

Hey @Andreas_Lassak

Thanks for reporting!

This should be an intermittent issue, have you tried a resync in the last 10 hours?

If you are still facing issues, the best course of action would be to contact us via chat so we can take a look at your account and troubleshoot further :+1:

Ali :rocket:

Hi @Ali_Koinly it is still a problem. On other services, like coinstats app, everything works smoothly. I just tried it now, and its still an issue. I tried to contact support by chat, but Javier refuse any issue on Koinly side, and recommend to use CSV. And this is not solution for me.

Also asked on Twitter for help from Binance side … but no action from Koinly side.

@Andreas_Lassak Thanks for your response!

I will take a look internally and check for issues with the Binance API. I will report back to you with my findings ASAP!


@Andreas_Lassak hey there :wave:

I have received word from our tech team that the issue should now be resolved. It may persist with some older wallets, in which case the recommendation is to recreate the API entirely. :+1: