BETH (Binance Beacon ETH) value seems not ok

BETH (Binance Beacon ETH) shows currently as “286€/unit” in koinly dashboard, while its value is currently ~1500$/unit (close to ETH).

At least if we talk about Binance BETH that is supplied when staking some ETH for ETH2.0.

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i have the same issue…Koinly please fix it ! Thank you! Otherwise at least for Taxreport its reporting wrong.

Thank you!

Hi! after check with support, it seems that “BETH Beacon Eth” should be used (with black icon) and not “BETH Binance Beacon Eth” (with yellow icon)

Same issue with BETH (Binance Beacon ETH) - value is listed at $345 per 1 BETH approx 24/02/21 versus $1650 per 1 ETH.

Hi team, same issue as above. Any update not requiring switching all transactions manually to BETH with black icon?