Best practice for updating BlockFi account transactions

Describe the problem:
I have my BlockFi Wallet from 2021 where everything has been properly labeled. I also labeled manual transactions that Koinly did not pick up.

What is the best way to update the blockFi wallet for 2022 transactions? Should I overwrite the wallet with 2021+2022 transactions and relabel everything?

If I make a separate BlockFi Wallet than the transactions get confusing because it doesn’t have to proper cost basis history.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?
CSV file

What have you tried to fix this so far?

I created a separate BlockFi Wallet but transactions are not recording properly because it’s missing the previous year data.

Hi @clai1200la,

Thank you for posting about this and welcome to the discuss community! Pardon my extreme delay in responding to this post. :pray:

You have a stellar point about the potential issue of the cost basis history not reflecting accurately by creating a separate BlockFi wallet.

Our dev team has BlockFi specific issues on their roadmap to fix. Please add your vote to any that appeal and you’ll be immediately notified once the dev team have completed their magic!

API integration with BlockFi

BlockFi general roadmap (please feel free to add ideas here regarding BlockFi)

Clai1200la, for your specific issue would you please connect with our support team if you haven’t already? Our advanced team is keen to help with importing your CSVs!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

I’m having major problems with BLockFi and also with KuCoin sync. They’re both showing large quantities of crypto that I don’t have and that don’t exist. How can I clear these so my tax forms will come out somewhere in the ballpark of reality?

Hi @David_Litman,

Thank you for letting us know and my apologies for the delay in response!

Those two exchanges have sometimes hindered users from API syncing their full transaction data. Our dev team is working on resolving the transaction types that are left out by the API.

In the link is a list of KuCoin API projects that are on our roadmap. Please add your vote to any that you would like to be notified about once the team has completed their work.

For the BlockFi API, our Product lead has posted that we would love to add API support for BlockFi, but the issue is that they don’t have an API yet.

When they release an API that offers data export then we will add support right away!

To be notified for BlockFi API, please add your vote to the link below!

In the meantime, we do have CSV methods available. I know API is a more ideal option, though if time is an issue, CSV files can temporarily be used to calculate and generate your tax forms!

Instructions for CSV imports:

BlockFi integration page.

KuCoin integration page.

Thank you and have an awesome day!

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