Best interface by far but still lacking key features

Being a Miner, NFT Collector, Crypto Trader, and Defi user I’ve found that Koinly is killing it compared to Taxbit, Accointing and in the areas of presentation of assets, modifying synced transactions, linking transactions together and syncing data. However, IMO there are some crucial features missing that would improve the cataloging of transactions in our crypto environment and I haven’t been able to figure out a less painful work around outside of coding my own Block Explorer scraper… So I hope someone out there has some answer.

  1. Support Avalanche Blockchain pls!! The tagging from the explorer csv file was translated ~65% wrong. I had to manually change the transaction types a lot and it took a while to figure out how to get cost to calculate.

  2. Correctly representing activity taken in DAOs such as OlympusDao and Wonderland transactions. For example, how do you represent the key features of these type of coins like Bonded/Minted tokens and Staked Interest bearing tokens? (The interest bearing tokens aren’t available to add)

  3. Moreover, support for methods such as Zap In, Redeem, and Stake.

  4. Better nomenclature for Defi methods such as Borrow, Deposit and Repayment. Had to watch a video and read an article to figure out how to categorize Defi Loans correctly.

  5. When available including the written out name of the “To” party within the transaction window from the blockchain such as Aave: Lending Pool, Trader Joe: Router, SushiSwap, Zapper:Fi, Coinbase, ect ect. It’s a pain in the butt when trying to fix transaction errors and having to navigate back and forth to the block explorer for reference for how to tag it.

  6. I signed up because Koinly was one of the few Crypto tax software’s that advertised support for both Defi and Avalanche (Found out the hard way that you weren’t referring to the Avalanche Blockchain). Maybe change the wording for that , not sure if anyone else made the same mistake.

  7. Didn’t search for this in the forums but I didn’t see it anywhere on the platform so…NFT support?

If anyone is having similar issues and has found workarounds please share I’d greatly appreciate it. I hate coding but I’ll do it if I have to lol.

Missing Avalanche Blockchain Support , DAO Support, Better representation of Defi transactional actions (as opposed to Deposit, Withdrawal, or in_Pool), Labeling of “To” in the transaction screen, and NFT support*.

!!! on the money. And sad to see that nothing seems to have improved over the last half year in that regard…

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IMO a glaring weak spot in this software is the difficulty of importing data:

  1. Most of my exchanges do not ‘auto-sync’ with Koinly
  2. Most of my exchanges do not provide a CSV file for transactions older than 90 days

I don’t like to use the word impossible… but impassable maybe.

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I agree with this. Koinly, we need support for:
ALL OF: Eth, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, and Fantom (is Avalanche still missing? Avalanche support is ESSENTIAL!!)
Olympus DAO and forks (Wonderland, Klima, HectorDAO, etc)
Projects like DRIP ( or Strongblock ( that burn your coins in exchange for an income stream.

When will these be available?

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So true. Still doesn’t appear to be any sensible treatment by Koinly for something so basic as borrowing and repaying a loan. Did you find a workaround for this?

And please, for anyone reading this, do not just paste the Koinly support doc here that says to just treat borrowing as a deposit and paying it back as a withdrawal.

I dont think they give a stuff ,