Best country to live in for crypto traders / investor

Hi, I’m currently making quite a bit of money crypto trading and this is what I want to do full-time. I love it so much.

I don’t have any tie to any countries at the moment and I really don’t mind living in any country in a fixed location.

I’m looking for a countries which is tax-friendly for crypto. I don’t mind paying tax but why paying 30% tax in a country when i can pay 5-10% in another specially when i don’t have any house/car/ect…

So out of all the countries Koinly support, what is the countries with the lowest tax-rate for crypto traders?

I’ve heard on a crypto podcast that most crypto whales were living in the Caribbean because it was very tax-friendly for them. Any details on that?

Thank you

I think you are talking about Puerto Rico. A few years ago many crypto whales moved there.
Portugal supposedly has 0 crypto taxes. A youtuber called Crypto Tips moved there.


Portugal seems a cool country to live :slight_smile:
Tax-free in Portugal:

  • Gains from the sale and purchase of coins
  • Profit from commissions charged in services relating to the acquisition of use of cryptocurrency
  • Profit derived from the sale of products or services for cryptocurrency

Does it means that the crypto I already own today. If I move to Portugal and live there for more than 6 months and become tax resident there. I can then just cash out my crypto to fiat without paying any tax on it?