Avalanche P-Chain

I’ve used Koinly and as far as I know I’ve linked all my wallets and exchanges effortlessly but one, my Avalanche wallet. I’ve held Avalanche since launch but it’s always been staked on P-Chain, this is like 95% of my portfolio so it’s vital I can calculate these taxes properly. How can I do this when Koinly only works with C-Chain? Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Use the official Avalanche web wallet to download a CSV with the P-Chain transactions, reformat, and upload to Koinly.

Believe that is how I managed to account for the P-Chain.

Hi @JoelAnthonyHarris !

Good point right there. This is definitely something we are looking into integrating directly, here is the public task for it Avalanche (AVAX) x-chain and p-chain integration | Integrations | Koinly so it is in the backlog!

In the meantime, you should be able to download a CSV from your Avalanche wallet, format it (How to create a custom CSV file with your data | Koinly Help Center) and upload it to a custom “Avalanche P-chain” wallet.

If you have any trouble going through those steps, shoot us an email here [email protected]


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