Autocompounders, DEFI games, audit, wrapped coins

  1. How to report taxes on autocompounders ?
    Spectrum Protocol on Terra Luna
    Spectrum Protocol

  2. Where do we get info for all these DEFI projects we’re in when there’s no CV file ???

Time Wonderland

  1. How to report earnings from DEFI games ? Where do we get the info from ?


defi kingdoms

  1. Koinly offers “audits by professionals” but they’re just looking at the info I put in myself. That’s the problem. I need help with where I get this info to put it in in the first place !!

Who can recommend an AFFORDABLE CPA in the states (USA)?

  1. If I wrap my token
    example wrapped memory wMEMO, are there any tax implications until I unwrap it?

Thank you