API Sync with Solana

What was mentioned in another post from you yesterday was that https://public-api.solscan.io/docs/ was down…while this appears to be true, api syncing for solana works everywhere else and there are no posts that i find that present this page as being the issue.

Please elaborate on your reply about https://public-api.solscan.io/docs/ as that does not sufficiently answer the query since it appears that only Koinly is having the issue.

The suggested page is back up, yet Koinly is still giving error 502

I am still getting the error too. I have no idea what I am meant to ‘do’ with the page that was referenced. I am following along as a normal user, not a developer with API expertise - using the Koinly interface and following the video instructions provided.

So…I would appreciate everyday user language in terms of how/when I can run the import please?

Same here…page is back up yet the 502 error still occurs…

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I apologise, I put the wrong link in the post

https://api.solscan.io/ is the one we are waiting to be back up



solscan changed their apis to public and pro versions not too long ago and it seems the api’s use a prefix for those now. the url you are waiting on might not come back

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Hmm, thanks for the tip. I’ll pass on this info internally incase it has not been picked up already :+1:

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