API support for Helium (HNT) blockchain/wallets

Please add support to import transactions via API!

The corresponding GitHub repository can be found at the following link: GitHub - helium/blockchain-api: Rest API for blockchain

Any other information you might require regarding the Helium blockchain/network can be found here: https://www.helium.com

Need I say more than SwissMister stated so well above in this thread’s first post. Please update to auto-sync with the People’s Network for Helium ASAP. Anyone using a hotspot miner will sign up for your support if they can see this as an immediate solution to this new taxed mined asset.

:slight_smile: Please update us all when you get a solution to the Helium wallet auto-sync. If you don’t fix it soon my money will go to another platform for 2021 tax planning. So please advise when you get time to address this concern.