Any chance you could add stock brokerages aswell

I really like how it tracks my crypto portfolio… but it would be great if I could also add my trading212 information so that I could see my total portfolio all together in 1 app

I’d really like this as well, even if I have to figure out how to import my trades (stocks & options) into Koinly via custom CSV. (note I’m in Canada, using ACB method.)

Hi @Ryan02 and @Chris3 , thanks for the great feedback!

Including stocks, commodities and other asset classes is definitely part of our long term vision, but I couldn’t give you a deadline on this. At the moment our focus is crypto and this is what we are trying to get right right this minute :slight_smile:

I have just created a general Koinly task about stock brokerages that you should go and upvote for visibility Support for non-crypto stock brokerages. | Feature requests (public) | Koinly

We are very happy you are enjoying your experience with us so far. This means a lot to me and the entire Koinly team :star_struck: