Allow/Implement feature for multiple staking pools for the same Wallet


since the DeFi space is growing fast a lot of staking and liquiditiy mining possibilities are on the horizon a feture to add multiple pools linked to the same wallet is definetly needed!

When I want to stake the same token with the same metamask wallet into different pools, Koinly counts all of them in the same “pool” by tagging the transactions as “sent to pool”.
When cashing out this will inevitablely lead to wrong figures in the tax report since the software is using the FIFO method across all my pools as there is no feature to tag them as seperate pools.

The only way would be to enter all the transactions - that I for now receive via API - manually and set up an own wallet for each pool by myself. This will end up in a lot of unnecessary transactions to apply manually.

Therefore please implement a feature to set up more than just one staking pool.

Thanks in advance!